Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have been having internet service problems for almost 2 weeks now, and I do not know if I will even get thru this post!

All is well on the homefront. But Mu's babysitter quit (effective after school-but added "Could you find someone sooner?") It lasted a year, I guess I shouldn't complain. I just feel bad for him because he has been saying he doesn't want to go. I think he picks up on the negative vibe. She found out she was pregnant and neither she or her husband are too thrilled. They have 3 under the age of 5. She said it was a shock to her. I thought maybe I should get the Biology book out and show her how it works.
Hubby got all upset and said he didn't want to take him where he wasn't wanted, but I have to find someone else first!! It is not a quick thing! I think I found someone temporarily though which is good.

At work, same ol same ol. Nothing more about working from home though it is still dangled like a carrot.

G's softball team is in first place. They lost their first game on Saturday. I think it was good for them because they were the undefeated champs, and the coach actually told them they clinched first place last Thursday. Not such a great idea maybe.

I have somewhat started the Maker's Diet. For those of you who don't know, the author tells you to stay away from the "dirty dozen" which I won't list all, but include: hydrogenated oil (trans fats), high fructose corn syrup, white sugar and white flour. He basically says to get back to the whole foods eaten in the Bible like goat's milk (full fat), whole milk cheese, barley, whole wheat, fruit, vegetables--all organic of course. I say I somewhat started the diet because I think it is pretty impossible to eat all organic food, avoid all white sugar and its counterparts, and avoid all white flour. He says there are healthy fats and we have been sold a bill of goods when we are told to avoid all fat. He mentions the Atkins diet and says he was onto something by supporting eating fat, but you need to eat healthy fats found in diary and grass-fed meats--not trans fats.
Organic food is expensive so I do what I can there. I don't drink soda (that is pop for you Northerners), alchohol (thought wine is ok on the diet),use artificial sweetners or eat shellfish on a regular basis so that is a plus for me. But the sugar thing, for a Southerner who thrives on sweet tea, is a bit difficult! I have cut down to about 1/6 of what I used to use in tea, and I add a little organic honey. I like honey but I don't particularly like it in tea. I do have to say after the first 4 days of fussing everybody out because you are so ill and craving a gargantuous glass of tea full of sugar, I do feel better. I don't have as much trouble getting going in the morning, and I don't have the sugar crash at about 3 pm that I normally do. I don't know that I will be able to cut sugar tea totally out because I do not like it unsweetened. BUT, I have eaten no other sweets. And I LOVE cheese and beef!! and olives and olive oil! And there are many many other things you can eat. So, it isn't miserable AND you don't cut calories...ok enough about that.

Spring is in the air....BUT it is only reaching 64 today and last night it was 45 degrees. BBBRRR!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The scare of my life

Tuesday night Mu decided to climb his dresser. It fell, all the drawers fell out and one landed on him. He is fine, but I have been a basket case for 2 days. The bad thing was--there was a t.v. on top of it, one of the old kind that weighs 80 lbs. The t.v. fell to the side for some reason. The dresser missed him too. It was just the drawer that fell on him. When I came in and saw the way things fell, I said "His guardian angel must have knocked everything out of the way."
THe only reason the t.v. was there is that we do not have cable, and the reception in his room is better than any other. Hubby watched t.v. in there occasionally.
I had commented to hubby that if Mu decided to climb that, it was dangerous. Needless to say, he felt horrible for leaving it up there. He has been a basket case for 2 days too.
I was on my way to work yesterday and just lost it because I thought about what could have happened. I regained my composure before I went in, but my eyes were red. Of course, as soon as I walked to my desk, someone appeared and would not leave me alone about my red eyes until I burst into tears again. Luckily, I made it out and down the hall before I truly lost it.
I am a crier anyway. It is therapy for me, and it is not unusual for me to boo-hoo for cathartic reasons on the way to work. So, you can imagine how this made me cry.
Luckily most Americans run when you cry-LOL! The girl that came to my desk apologized later and said that it was "her culture" that made her ask about me. She said she sometimes gets into trouble because she doesn't know whether to act "American" or "like my culture". Then she told me it was just that she cared. I told her that it was okay to not act "American"--We are too politically correct!
Anyway, I digress!!! My Mu-man is ok and that is what matters!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let's Play Ball!!!!

I better get a major league player out of this!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Meet my Cowboy

Isn't he a handsome fellow?
I took the kids horseback riding for Spring Break. I haven't been on a horse in almost 20 years, but I needed a change of pace, so I figured, what the heck!
As soon as I got beside this fella to mount him, he slapped me with his tail. I thought he was just swatting flies at first, but when I got on his back, he turned around and eyeballed me--just like he is doing here!
He figured I was no threat to him, so the whole ride, he ate all the foilage he cared for. The guide had told us to keep them from eating it on the way. Everytime I pulled the reigns and told him no, he shook me off and continued to eat.
Still, he was a pretty gentle guy. The only time he scared me was when we stopped at one point, and we were near a cliff. All of the other horses stayed toward the inside of the trail. Not him!! He headed for the edge, and I freaked!! I am so afraid of heights, and he knew it!
Other than that, it was an absolutely gorgeous enjoyable ride with waterfalls and breathtaking views along the way.
G was thrilled and talked about it the whole 2 hour ride home! She was great with her horse, Big Red, who seemed to enjoy her.
I won't describe how my butt felt the next day, but I will say it was worth it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I got an award...

From Marni at http://its-a-pugs-life.blogspot.com/. (I cannot get my links to work!!!)
I am so excited about my award! Especially since I didn't have a darn thing to blog about.
But now I do!
There are rules, but I broke them because I don't remember what they are........................................................