Thursday, March 27, 2008

out of order

Please scroll down 3 posts for my post today. This thing is screwy!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

need help, please

Question for my blogging friends:

Has anyone had trouble with "shrink to fit" when uploading an image behind their blog title? This was/is a known issue, but the 'help' says to just unload and reload your image. It doesn't work for me, and it is annoying the heck outta me!
That is why I have never had an image behind my title. It is huge and takes up the whole page!

At the gas pump....

Marni tagged me and I will answer later, but I have been sick and do not feel like thinking. In the meantime, enjoy this gaspump humor.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I've been tagged by marni, its-a-pugs-life...Sorry it took me so long...

This is the first time, but I will give it my best shot.

The Rules

1. Post the rules before you give your answers.

2. List one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother's maiden name.

3. At the end of your blog post, tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.

So, here we go.. Middle name- Michele As in "Michele, my bell, these are words that go together well, my Michele.." What can I say, my dad is an Elvis freak, but he was on a Beatle's kick at the time!

M--math...ok, I know that is boring, but I like Math and Science. I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up. I also like to teach kids Math in an interesting and fun way.

I--Italian food--I love it! lasagna, spaghetti, eggplant parmesan, calzone, mmmmm! And, I hate being Interrupted when I am doing anything. I will not finish it if I am interrupted, and I am one of those people that must finish something that I have started at work. Time management is very challenging for me!

C--Curious..I am always asking why...I am one of those people that get so bogged down in the details, I can easily forget the big picture. And, Movie credits..I must watch them after every movie which drives most people crazy. I don't know how it started or why, but my sister is the only other person I know who does this.

H--Harry Connick, Jr. is one of my favorite artists..He is awesome in concert! And...Hard-headed...If you tell me I can't do something, that will make me try harder. And once I have made my mind up, it is very hard to get me to change it.

E--Exploring. I love to go exploring, whether it be a new road or a new place or a new trail in the woods. Let's go find out!!

L-- LOST is my favorite show. I don't really like to watch t.v., but I can't miss it. I have the first 2 seasons on DVD, and I catch up on if I have to. And I am always Late, everywhere I go. I have analyzed and over-analyzed it because I hate it, but I can't figure out why. I have heard theories about chronically late people that I disagree with (they are always given by prompt people!) I guess I inherited it because both of my parents were chronically late.

E--(this is hard, I need another L in my name!!) Elementary...I like things simple. I need the bottom-line, no fluff, no jive, no b.s.

Now to tag 7 people--difficult for me because I don't blog that often and only read a few.

1. FrakerFarm
2. Ask Land-Shannon
3. GooseJuice
4. Canadian Flake

The other 3 can be anybody who reads this!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rambling again....

Is it really March 13th? I am sorry I haven't posted lately....
Same sh@#, different day.
I have to tell my work story, but I don't want to ruin my day off by doing it now.
I don't have much to say today..It is gorgeous outside and it is supposed to be 74 degrees! Now that is what I am talking about!!!!!!!!!!
G is playing softball, and I have been freezing my hind-end off out there at her practices. Today will be great at the park!
I need a vacation! Last year we went to Hilton Head for our first time, and it was awesome. I need to see the beach. I need to squish the sand between my toes and smell the salty air. I need to hear the seagulls and the waves crashing. I could be a beach bum in a heart beat. I could be one of those chicks that rents Waverunners or chairs. No, I couldn't rent chairs, that is a RIP off! Only in America!
When we went to Mexico, we were blown away that they had chairs all over the beach, and you just went down and sat in one without some nut with a clipboard chasing you and telling you that he could give you a cushion for that chair for $25/day.
Ok, enough rambling, Spring is in the air, and it is a good thing because I have had a major case of cabin fever. Daylight savings time sux!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics

Everything a mom says in less than 3 minutes. I love this!!