Saturday, June 28, 2008

A few Spring that it is Summer!

Release of the butterflies at the nature center.

Hey! Well, I figured out what the problem was with my internet and then my monitor went out so, I hooked up my old one which is BAD on the eyes!!

Here are a few Spring pictures..... Daffodils are the first to pop up in late February....
The next picture is a bird nest in our upside-down canoe. The bird had already moved out when we discovered it.

This is my little man "painting" the fence.

I have been busy thus far....just getting outside and enjoying the heat. I am a little weird in that sense. I could never live in a cooler climate.
We are planning on doing many things around town in the next few weeks so I will be back to share those pictures with you.
I have still not caught up on LOST. I finally fixed my internet problem, but since my monitor is out and I haven't had it fixed yet, I can hardly stand to look at this one...
I hope to catch up on all your blogs soon...But I have to run to go clothes shopping while I have a few hours to myself -- the kids and hubby are at Granny's!!! YEE_HA


CindyDianne said...

Love the pic of your boy painting. Is that water?

Electronic Goose said...

Glad you're finally back!