Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Scrap is just crap

When I was little, we used to go to K-Mart and buy scrapbooks for $5, then fill them up with cut-out pictures of Donny Osmond, Willie Aames, Leif Garrett and Jimmy McNichol. Ok.. Mork from Ork was in a couple of them, but just a couple.
I decided to do a project like that with G. Except instead of Tiger Beat heart-throbs, I thought we would use her artwork and school projects over the past 3 years.

So, I went to Target, my favorite store. No $5 scrapbooks, or even $10 scrapbooks. Only $29.99 scrapbooking kits. Apparently people aren't creative enough to fill scrapbooks with stuff, they need a kit. Well, Target isn't really a crafy store. So, I decided to go to WalMart, not too crafty either really, but they have everything, right? Wrong. Same problem.

I refuse to buy a "kit" and not just because of the price...why? I'll tell you why.
Because back in the 90's when some chick decided to start a scrapbooking store and scrapbooking parties where you LEARNED to scrapbook, she took the fun out of it. I have been part of mom's groups that got together to scrapbook. PLEASE just poke my eyes out with an ice pick-I'd rather. I actually had one of the moms tell me she had so many scrapbooking accessories, she had nowhere to put them all. My scrapbooking accessories fit nicely in a Ziplock bag-scissors and tape.
Why in the DEVIL do you need someone to show you how to scrapbook? After all, it is a S-C-R-A-P book (emphasis on SCRAP). And if you need someone to show you how to put pictures of things you like in a book, why in the DEVIL do you need a kit? I don't need a flippin' kit. I just want a scrapbook with a cover and scrapbook pages in it.


Canadian flake said...

I had the same problem...I tried to surprise my gnome but didn't want a "kit" to make it all fancy..I was grrrr..lol.

Scrap books can be nice but I don't have artsy fartsy abilities..lol.

whatevergirl said...

I don't have artsy abilities either, but just cutting out pics and taping them in is fun.
Simple is better!